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An Interesting Concept From AP Human Geography

We were reading through the book when we decided to discuss one of the most interesting concepts I had ever pulled from a book. It talked about inovators, trendsetters, the majority and how such big cultural phenomena can be killed by the masters they were created to serve. The inovators get the ball rolling by creating this phenomena. They are the origin. Then, the trendsetters get a hold of it and turn it into something all their own but it is still relatively the same thing as when it was first created. Then, the majority takes that phenomena and just keeps recycling and recopying it until it is so overexposed it either self terminates or the majority (the masters in this case) kill the very thing that was created for their entertainment. Isn’t it sickening how the world works? How human beings take what is given to them as something to incorporate proportiantely into their lives and just kill it as if it meant nothing to them? Then, it seems that the phenomena or the hype, surrounding the phenomena, dies as if it was never there until it is either resurrected by more trendsetters who are fascinated by the appeal of the phenomena and are saddened by it’s early downfall or until another phenomena comes along that starts up the whole thing all over again. Human nature: we are just as barbaric as the Devil our minds have constructed.

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